Our Food

By our kitchen team

Jackson's Catering Kitchen

Our kitchen team is headed by Matt Daniel, together there is a wide range of experience at our kitchen. Preparing, cooking and sometimes eating, the team are responsible for everything from making the sarnies for our cold finger buffets to preparing the ingredients and equipment for a fish and chip supper. When on-site service is required our kitchen team are adaptable to different facilities and our service staff are professional, well trained and uniformed.

When you contact Jackson's regarding a catering enquiry you will deal directly with our head chef, Matt Daniel, so your talking to the right person about your catering requirements.

We like to keep things simple at Jackson's, no need to be complicated. But this doesn't compromise the quality of our food, we use fresh ingredients and when possible, local. Newcastle and Northumberland have some treasures when it comes to fresh  produce, which we love to support.

We have a huge focus on healthy eating within Jackson's as we understand that it is important to our clients to obtain a good, well balanced diet. We would be happy to take any special requests. We also cater for different requirements such as Halal, vegan as well as dairy, gluten and wheat intolerance.

For information on our health & safety and environmental policies please see our Policies and Promises.

We have experience in all sorts of events and occasions, catering for thousands at a time.