Corporate Catering in Newcastle

Try Jackson's next time you require catering for your business and receive a complimentary basket of our cupcakes. No strings attached.

We are confident you will find our service easy and straight forward as well as reliable, friendly and of course delicious.

We have a number of years experience in catering for local businesses in the North East especially Newcastle upon Tyne. Our menu's can be tailored to suit your taste and requirement or can be as simple as picking one of our recommend menu's.

FREE delivery available in certain areas of the North East, please contact us to more info.

More info on our Corporate Services

Corporate Catering Sample Menu 2011 (PDF)

Corporate Catering Feedback

Contract Catering Services

Corporate Hospitality Catering (Sister Company)

When ordering quote 'Corporate Cupcakes' to receive your free selection.

An initial minimum order is required to qualify for free delivery and cupcakes.

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