thank you very much for all your help at the Great North Run it all worked very well on the day and we have had some good feedback from the runners .

We had expected we would have to go and get the boilers up, set them up and fill them up so it was really fantastic that you did that for us. Your team were really helpful on the day helping us get water, when you have 300 runners and only a few staff at an event it was really brilliant that they were able to help us with all of that and all the staff were really polite and friendly.

I am afraid that I don’t have any testimonials from the runners but if it helps I can tell you that we surveyed our runners about the event and one of the questions we asked was about food and drinks at the tent and we had 35% of people say it was good and 65% saying that it was excellent.

Once again thank you for all your hard work at the Great North Run, the fact that everything ran so smoothly really helped.

Many Thanks.

Natasha Clokey, Prostate Cancer

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