If your influenced by the little logos found on many consumer and food products these days you'll be happy to hear the North East is leading the way.

Ethical standards

From Fairtrade and Organic to FSA and energy efficiency, we are seeing these credentials everywhere. Every day products have adopted them because of a growing conscious consumer.

With the availability of news and information thanks to the internet, people are more aware of the way consumerism has led to driving the price down at all costs. Usually affecting our environment and the poorer countries in the world that supply and cater for the majority of our consumer needs.

Here are a few businesses and resources that we are proud of having in the North East.

Online retailer Ethical Superstore, is based in Gateshead and is one of the largest retailers of Groceries And Everyday Fair Trade and Ethical Goods. Have a look, you'll be surprised how many of your every day purchases could really help someone or reduce your environmental impact. Ethical Superstore Website

Newcastle's NE1 have launched a City Centre Bike Hire Scheme to encourage people to commute and keep fit as well as taking more cars off the roads.

Established in 1979 and based in Gateshead, Traidcraft are the UK's leading Fairtrade organisation.

Morpeth in Northumberland is one of the few towns in the country trying to ban polluting carrier bags from their shops.

With premises in the Tyne and Wear and Northumberland, we always see a massive effort for Fairtrade Fortnight

At Jackson's we are proud of our commitment to buying local produce. We really are lucky to have the amount of local farmers and businesses on our door step! Too much choice if anything!

However it's not just about buying local, throughout our business we purchase everything with a ethical stance. Ensuring what we do buy is farmed, manufactured and sold in a ethical way and nothing or nobody is short changed or treat poorly in the process. Our carbon footprint and environmental influence is also a big thing for us. At our kitchen facilities and canteens we recycle all paper, cardboard, cans and plastic. And with the amount of packaging we go through we like to think it makes a difference.

If you know of any more ethical businesses or schemes operating in the North East  please let us know and we'll add them to the list. Email kris[at]jacksons-catering.com.

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