Summer is over and the BBQ is getting a rest!

BBQ and spit roast catering

BBQ Catering

Well it's been a busy summer of private and corporate BBQ's, weddings and outdoor events. We have had a great time meeting and feeding hundreds of people at each event. Now summer is over our BBQ can have a well deserved rest.

One of our most recent BBQ events was at Silkerlink Cobalt business park, where The Travel Centre held a open day to the employee's of the business park. Jackson's Catering of Newcastle was the sole caterer for the event.

We caterered for over 500 employees throughout the day, providing a selection of BBQ food, condements and side dishes.

Although the weather will most probably get worse in the coming months we still offer all our catering services to outdoor events and if it does rain then we can arrange for a marquee to save the day!!

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