Kris, myself, my family and friends have all agreed – the catering service you provided at our Wedding was superb. The staff, the food, the bar, the service and all of the little extras that made the day so incredible were all absolutely brilliantly and hugely appreciated.

Firstly, Andy (who was in charge of front of house for the daytime) was absolutely incredible, he brought my groom and myself a winter Pimms as soon as we came in from the cold and offered to announce us into the room. Throughout the day he was incredibly professional, courteous, clearly worked very hard but ensured that everyone felt at ease. His contribution to the day was invaluable and made everything run smoothly, nothing ever seemed too much for him and – when the front tables had to be moved – he kindly suggested that we moved the decorations from the top table around the room, which I really appreciated as it had taken me a long time to make and pick them! Please pass on the thanks of myself, my partner and my family to Andy.

Secondly, the food! The quality was incredible, lots and lots of lovely compliments about the soup in particular! The portions for the ‘Tear and Share’ were HUGE! I had worried that there wasn’t going to be enough, but there was more than enough and plenty for all, a great choice for everyone there. The cheese that was left over from the ‘Tear and Share’ was kindly put out on our cheese cart for guests to enjoy all afternoon. It was extremely kind that your company was happy for us to use an independent retailer for the cheese cart.

Thirdly, the wonderful catering staff! Without exception, all of the catering staff were polite, incredibly hard working and served with a smile all day. Again, lots of people commented to me about how quick and courteous the service was. The evening team from Jacksons, which I think was led by Jo (I think that was her name, dark brown hair and glasses, she was lovely) were exceptional too – they worked incredibly hard to supply the very popular Fish and Chips. The extra effort that they went to to ensure that Kris and I had both eaten some of the evening food was lovely too, as I hadn’t managed to eat anything by the middle of the evening and really appreciated the thought.

Fourthly, the bar staff were brilliant and incredibly diligent too! My parents put money behind the bar, which the bar staff seemed perfectly fine with this, and helpfully updated them with how much money was left. Being able to do this worked really well, especially as the younger guests felt confident about going to get soft drinks all day. The tea and coffee stations were also massively appreciated – they really helped to warm people up on a quite chilly Friday in February!

Finally! The kitchen in the church was left cleaner and much tidier than it was when your staff arrived! The incredible clean up job that your staff had done during the day and into the evening made sure that the ‘take down’ of the hall the next day was much quicker and easier. This was massively appreciated.

Matt – Kris and I genuinely can’t thank you enough and can’t praise your company enough as the perfect choice of caterers for our Wedding. We are both so thrilled that we chose to use your company for the food and drinks for the entire day. It really ratified our decision that we didn’t need to go to a fancy hotel, be dictated at about what we could and couldn’t choose or to have a stuffy sit down dinner for our wedding. Your style of catering suited us both down to the ground.

Thank you so much again,

Lizzie – wedding, Newcastle

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